Healthy Ways To Cope With Drool During Sleep

Salivate unintentionally during sleep or drool, often seen as a shameful habit. Especially if it happens in a public place, such as on a bus or on the train. If you often drool when sleeping, yuk find out the fix!

Despite the sometimes embarrassing and perhaps feels merely annoying, salivating while asleep is still categorized as a normal thing. This condition can happen to anyone, including infants and the elderly. Special baby, drool during sleep habits occurs because they could not control the muscles around the mouth. While in adults, there are some things that are known to cause drool during sleep.

Causes Of Drool During Sleep
Before addressing the habit of drool, it's good you know what factors cause drool during sleep. Cavities and infections in the oral cavity, can be one of the causes of drool during sleep, because generally this condition will increase saliva production as a form of response of the body against infection. Pregnancy can also be menyebabkanmu so more often drool during sleep, and decreases again after bayimu was born. Other than those two things, there are several other factors that become the cause of drool during sleep, among other things:
  • The position of sleep - sleep conditions, you may not be aware when '--position change and sideways. Sleeping sideways position make the saliva in the mouth flow out easily.
  • Diseases of the stomach acid - stomach acid Disease (GERD) causes most stomach acid flowing back into the esophagus. People who experience this disorder often salivating excessively while sleeping.
  • Nasal congestion - if nasal congestion while sleeping, you are forced to breathe through the mouth. Well, when the mouth being open for breathing, saliva will flow easily out of the mouth.
  • Sleep disorders - Sleep Apnea--make no sleep because you will stop breathing for a few moments while it is asleep. Sleep disorders can also cause the saliva out of the mouth.
  • Drug side effects - Drool during sleep can be triggered by the consumption of drugs, the antipsychotic drugs, such as drugs for Alzheimer's disease, as well as some types of antibiotics.
  • Disorders of muscles around the mouth - Drool during sleep can also be caused by abnormalities or disorders of the muscles and the nerves around the mouth. This causes the muscles around the mouth is weakened, so increased saliva production and hard to swallow. This condition can happen for example in people with stroke, ALS, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism, to Parkinson's disease.
Tips Overcoming Drool During Sleep
Although not dangerous, habit of drool should immediately be stopped. In addition to harming the comfort when you sleep, this habit can also make you not confident, especially if visible to others. There are several ways that you can do to overcome the drool during sleep.

Change the position of sleep
The simplest way to stop the habit of drool during sleep is by changing the position of the bed. If you habitually sleep sideways, make it a habit to sleep on his back in position. Position on your back can help control the saliva in the mouth to keep it from flowing out. For patients with GERD, you can sleep with a pillow on the back of some Scotch in order to position the head higher, thus preventing stomach acid rise into the esophagus.

Expand drinking water white
With white water to reproduce, you will keep the body especially the mouth stays properly hydrated. This will help reduce the production of saliva so it's not redundant. In addition, orange or lemon-sucking, also believed to be able to reduce excess saliva production.

Maintain oral hygiene
Maintain oral hygiene can help prevent drool during sleep. In order to keep the mouth clean and healthy, try to always avoid the habit of smoking, limiting foods that are sweet or sour, and don't forget to always brush your teeth before going to bed.

If the habit of drool you that could not be dealt with in a simple way above, immediately look for medical assistance. On the condition when excessive saliva production continually since work overactive salivary gland, doctors can inject botox on salivary glands so that saliva production decreases. In addition, surgery may also be done to remove the saliva glands are problematic.

Drool maybe seen as a trivial issue, but it's good if you consult a doctor in order to be known what the underlying causes. So, you can get appropriate responses if necessary, so that you no need to feel inadequate because of this.

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