Symptoms and how to address the Dental Impaction

Impaction of teeth or dental dental condition that is pent-up stuck inside the gums. Generally, dental impaction occurs at the youngest adult molars. Impaction of teeth make someone more susceptible tooth decay and gum disease.

Normally, adults have 32 teeth including 4 dental youngest. The youngest molar or third molars usually grows when a person between the ages of 17 years until the early 20 's of the year. In many people, the youngest of the teeth may not grow normally, either because it is stuck below the gums or only partially able to penetrate the surface of the teeth gums. It is this condition called impaction of teeth. Dental impaction is quite common and is often not accompanied by pain. Yet many also feel the pain if the youngest grow slanted teeth or do not appear from the surface of the gums.

Causes Of Tooth Impaction
Dental impaction can occur for various reasons as follows:
  • Jaw too small so there is no enough space for the teeth to grow.
  • Teeth become crooked or skewed when trying to grow.
  • Teeth already grow in irregular positions, thereby blocking the younger teeth.
Nevertheless, experts believe if the impaction of teeth has a domino effect, that is when the teeth that grow slanted teeth pressing next to it, so the result of growing irregular teeth. This irregular teeth can cause problems in chewing.

Symptoms and how to address the Dental Impaction
The teeth of buried or just grow some food scraps may cause snagging. In addition, the bacteria easier entry thus causing pain and swelling in the gums. The position of the teeth of buried is behind making it hard to reach by the toothbrush.

Leftovers are tucked in the area, if not cleaned up, can trigger perikoronitis. Perikoronitis meradangnya is a condition of gum tissue around the teeth. Disorders that can appear due to impaction of teeth this can cause symptoms in the form of swollen gums, gums are mushy, and bad breath. Other dental impaction symptoms include:
  • Teeth appear only slightly on the surface of the gums.
  • Pain in the jaw.
  • Prolonged headache.
  • Swollen gums and redness around the teeth to sink in.
  • Difficulty opening the mouth.
  • Neck glands swell.
  • Toothache when biting, especially on the part of experienced dental impaction.
The actual tooth impaction does not require special handling if it does not give rise to a complaint. When complaints surfaced, soon to check with your dentist. Because if left unchecked, the infected tooth may cause complications, such as periodontitis, abscess tooth or gums, pain excellent, maloklusi or irregular dentition, the formation of dental plaque, and nerve damage around the teeth. The doctor will probably prescribe antibiotics to treat the infected tooth bacteria.

Before the arising complaints much less complications, it is recommended you revoke the teeth that are experiencing the impaction before 20-year-old. At this age, the roots of teeth are undeveloped, making it easier to be appointed. As you get older, the roots of the teeth and bones getting stronger, so that the process of appointment of the tooth becomes increasingly difficult, and the process of healing will be increasingly long.

Dental appointment rests should be done through surgery teeth the youngest. These actions are performed in the location of the gear is inside the gums. Consult your dentist if you are considering doing this procedure.

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