A Simple Way To Let The Brothers Always Get Along

Brothers kok more often and rarely get along? There's just that makes them scramble or trigger debate. Father and Mother until confused how to make they can play together without a fight. Calm down, there is actually a simple reason to understand the relationships and how to overcome it.

The relationship of the brothers is very important, because it is very influential in the growth of the child's personality. Especially if they spend all day together, because both parents work.

A Variety Of Possible Causes
Sibling could be the closest friends, but also it could be otherwise. The relationship between the brothers is actually not as simple as it looks. This relationship can be influenced by many things such as genetic factors, life events, treat the elderly, or experience outside the family.

The relationship of brothers can be more complex in twins, or if one of the children have special needs. In addition, this relationship can also get worse if they are often compared. For example, who crawled first, who's smarter, who received in school, or who is more clever in the sport.

Changes to the child's needs may also trigger the relationship brothers. For example, a newborn child enters school will learn about equality, so he would feel compromised if seeing his brother got special treatment. It could also, children will complain when asked to accompany his sister, as he wanted to play to a friend's House.

In addition, each child's personality also plays a role in the relationship of brothers. Competition can occur if a personality very much different with my older sister. Although it does not mean a similar personality, will not trigger a competition at all.

Belongs To A Certain Extent Normal
Bickering and rivalry between brother and sister is a normal thing. It thus can make children learn to resolve conflicts. However, to keep in mind, children learn to resolve conflicts mainly from his parents.

Children will learn to handle conflict well if he saw his parents were not aggressive and still respect each other despite being involved in conflict. If he sees his parents speak loudly or slammed doors when angry, it could be he would also emulate.

When the quarrel between brother and sister turn into harm, such as a big brother or sister who often hit or mocking, the father and the mother have to take firmer action. This required especially if to cause health disorders or psychological on other family members. If you don't know exactly what to do, parents can consult on child psychologists to find the right solution.

Tips So That The Brothers Always Get Along
At the age of one year old child was able to better understand how parents or other people treat them. Since the age of 1.5 years of age, children begin to understand the rules at home, including how to interact with the brothers. While children aged 3 years old, was able to adapt himself and needs differences facing the older brother or sister.

This is why the father and mother of early parenting patterns need to apply that gives the same space for brother and sister. Here are some tips that parents can do to help the brothers to better get along.

Give special attention to each child
If a brother and sister almost all day together, provide time for them to play. For example, by a neighbor who peers. The mother will also need to take the time to be with each child. For example, after accompanying the younger brother play, remember to make also a special moment together with The older brother. For example if the Brother love reading, the mother can spend ten minutes before bed to read with him.

Avoid a respecter of one child
Don't be a respecter of one child, though on certain conditions that one did better than the other. It is highly recommended to avoid saying, "Why you can't calm like your sister?" A sentence like this will only regret memperuncing that may be he feels on The elder brother, also on the Mother.

Don't force a child share
Sharing is indeed good. But, it's also important to make the little aware of the concept of ownership and responsible for things that he had. Therefore, don't force it to share all things. Let some things that can only he used himself, probably for health reasons, such as a toothbrush or towel.

Make it a habit of compromise when the children fight
Separate the two children who are fighting to keep them quiet. Then teach them to compromise and negotiate. Give each child the opportunity to explain their respective viewpoints. The mother also advised not being judgmental. For example, if the problem is they want to play the same toy, then the Mother may try to create a schedule to play in turn.

The same rules apply
Set the rules that apply are the same for younger brother and sister. For example, TV viewing schedule, not to be hit, and must not damage the objects to each other. If they're big enough, invite them to set a penalty independently if they break the rules. For example, time to play games on a weekend minus 1 hour if hit the younger brother or sister.

The relationship of brothers it's not uncommon to find conflict. But, it doesn't mean they don't love each other. Father and Mother can do the tips above to make a brother and sister always get along. Don't forget to praise if they behave well and help each other, Yes.

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