The Various Causes Of Ear Buzzing Next To

How to treat ear buzzing next to depends on the cause. Ears buzzing could emerge as symptoms of a disease or because your ears are having problems. This condition often makes its victims frustrated as it can interfere with daily activities. If continuous listening to the buzz from within the ear, it is feared could feel anxiety, stress, and depression.

Ears buzzing or medically called tinnitus, can occur at any age, but is more common in the elderly (elderly). Conditions that might occur i.e. ear buzzing or buzzing in the ears.

The Various Causes Of Ear Buzzing Next To
Ears buzzing next door could be caused by several things, among others due to infection in the ear, eardrum, Earwax, a buildup of fluid in the ear, ear abnormalities due to Meniere's disease, or because there is bone growth abnormal on the inside of the ear (otosklerosis).

Ears buzzing next to can also occur due to the influence of the use of certain drugs, such as using aspirin in doses of antimalarial drugs, high, certain types of antibiotic drugs, or drugs to treat cancers such as chemotherapy. In addition, the ear buzzing can also be caused by:
  • Muscle spasms around the ears.
  • Injuries on the head and neck.
  • High blood pressure.
  • High cholesterol.
Since there are various causes of ear buzzing, then the responses can be different, depending on what is the cause.

Treat Ear Buzzing Next To
To ensure the appropriate treatment with the cause, doctors will perform the diagnostic steps that are generally composed of interviews the complaint history, physical examination, hearing tests with audiometry, or by CT scan or MRI if Your ear structures suspected to have been damaged. In General, the ear buzzing next to it can be treated with several treatment options below.

Clean the dirt in the ears
This procedure is done if the buildup of earwax in the ear being the main cause of ear buzzing next door. The doctor will clean the dirt in the ears by way of rubbing slowly with warm water. Could be dirt sucked up by using a special tool.

Auditory therapies
This therapy is done with the hearing aid function relieves the symptoms of tinnitus. This tool will produce natural sounds such as sound waves on the sea, the sound of rain, and a few other sound types to cover the buzz that appears. In addition, if there are problems it brings on blood vessels, then the doctor will probably recommend therapy to fix it.

Taking any medication
The doctor may give you medicine to help reduce complaints of ear buzzing. For example the drugs antidepressants or tranquilizers. The doctor will also give you medication to cope with infection or inflammation, if it is causing the ear buzzing. If the ear buzzing is caused by a medication, your doctor will reduce the dosage or change the type of the drug.

In addition, you can also make a standalone treatment by way of listening to soothing music, doing relaxation self to avoid stress, Exchange information with others who suffer from disorders of the ear, or do activities that fun that you no longer think of the buzz that appears in the ear.

Understanding the causes and how to treat the ear buzzing next to correctly, can help you relieve conditions that occur and prevent the more severe impacts. If Your ear condition never improved or got worse despite treatment, please do not hesitate to return to consulting a doctor.

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