The Sitting Position Can Make Better Mood

While the mood may be incoherent, it's like You want to instantly curl up or bowed. Anyway want to do anything awry. Well, it turns out that the experts recently found that body posture and sitting position can help improve certain mood. Check out the full explanation below, yuk.

Depression is a mood disorder that is quite common in the community. Although impressed trivial, depression that could impact on the left continue to ways of thinking, feeling, mood, and daily activities. Offered Daily, from Medical experts from the University of Auckland began researching on how to improve the mood of a depressed person quickly. They suspect that good posture can help improve mood and reduce the symptoms of depression.

The study, published in the Journal of Behaviour Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry involves 61 participants with mild to moderate depression. They are assigned to practice two sitting positions, from upright sitting position and sitting position bend or position are wont to do everyday.

At first, they were asked to look straight ahead and uphold your back and shoulders. After that, the participants were asked to bend my back is more relaxed, lower your shoulders, and bowed his head. With both the sitting position, the participants were asked to give a short speech for five minutes and fill out a questionnaire to measure symptoms of depression during the study.

As a result, people with depression who sat hunched over tend to be easier removing the words that now is sad. Sitting position such as close-up heart syndrome or syndrome of the liver is covered. These conditions are depression sufferers describe as if to protect her heart from a sense of dismay.

Meanwhile, participants sit more upright tend to be more energetic, have a good mood, and focus more on yourself. It is characterized by the appearance of the words "I", which according to experts as a form of confidence. That is, the perceived symptoms of depression participants tend to be reduced to the position of sitting upright.

Nevertheless, such research is still tentative and require further development. This is because the researchers found only a short-term effect on the decrease in depression symptoms. So, improvements to the sitting position can not guarantee to treat depression in the long run.

Thus, a sitting position like what could improve the mood?
In fact, during this sitting position can provide a positive influence for the mood of the person. The correct sitting position can help reduce fatigue and increase the focus on people who experience mild to moderate depression.

This doesn't just apply to people with depression, lho. For those of you who are not depressed but are bad mood, an upright sitting position can help you back eager. Try to sit more upright while puffed out his chest and stared straight ahead. When you enforce Your shoulders, it will be easier for a breath and set the mood that is messed up. As a result, you will feel much better and optimistic than when skews the shoulders forward as usual.

According to the clinical psychologist at the University of Hildesheim and the Ruhr University Bochum in Germany, a more upright seating position can also help increase brain activity. It is beneficial to improve memory and makes you tend to use words positively worded.

Changing habits is not easy sitting position and initially may make you tired. However, if it is trained slowly and gradually, gradually you will become familiar and lighter for doing so.

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